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Al-Jazeera 101 East: “Killer Bite” (14 Oct 2010).

We look at Malaysia's controversial plan to use genetically modified mosquitoes to fight dengue fever.


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Plant breeding is an important field of research for improvement of yield and quality of plant production. The achievements of plant breeding have had tremendous impacts on economic and national development. Advanced techniques and tools have considerably assisted plant breeders in their practice of selection and strategies for plant improvement.

3-5 July 2012


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Launching video for 8th Malaysia Genetics Congress, 2009


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Launching video for 9th Malaysia Genetics Congress, 2011


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The Persatuan Genetik Malaysia (PGM) traces its roots back to 1994 through an initiative by a group of plant and animal breeders. Later, its membership broadened to include other important expertise areas, namely microbial and human genetics. Then, we became affiliated with the International Genetics Federation and with COSTAM.  Since its formation in 1994, PGM has grown steadily in membership, presently with over 300 members.


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Persatuan Genetik Malaysia (Genetics Society of Malaysia) was officially registered on 29 January 1994. The primary objectives of the Society are to develop and promote scientific knowledge on genetics, to create public awareness on its importance and advancement, and to foster a strong relationship and understanding between scientists in genetics and allied disciplines. Since its founding, the Society has grown significantly in terms of membership, and currently has over 500 members, comprising 91 life members, 267 ordinary members, 7 associate members and 182 student members. The Society is now affiliated with the International Genetics Federation (IGF) and Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations in Malaysia (COSTAM). The Society sees great potential in the science of genetics. More genetic technologies and products will be discovered throughout the world, giving greater impacts to human and their environment in the future. In any endeavour, the Society fervently hopes to participate and contribute towards their development in the country.


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visitors since 11 March 2010

11th Malaysia Genetics Congress 2015

“Focus on Genes, Maximise on Impact”

12-13 August 2015

Perdana University, Serdang

Presented to

The Following Accomplished Plant Breeders in Recognition of Their Outstanding Contributions In the Field of Plant Breeding

Presented to Prof Dr Ghizan Saleh

PGM Zakri Award 2015

Presented to Y.Bhg. Prof. Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid

PGM Excellence Award

PGM Appreciation Awards 2014

PGM Book Prize 2015


12th Malaysia Genetics Congress


3rd International Plant Breeding Seminar


PGM Seminar 2016